Support Resistance Trading and Timeframes to use

When trading Support and Resistance " Trend Continuation"

Larger picture… is the price heading toward resistance in a downtrend? If the answer is yes then its more likely that it will not break the resistance and likewise if the trend is uppward trend and heading to support…

This approach is to wait and see when the byers or sellers is giving upp and switching sides… as you seen it can go quite fast to opposite…

These moments is what we are waiting for…

Pictures speaks with more words:

Timeframe 2m … support resistance 1H and wait for bigg candle… a real difference in size… and “Chances” engulfing signal.

If you want same picture ratio on daily timeframe then use Timeframe Daily and support resistance Weekly…

AUD USD Daily TF and Supp Res on Weekly

There are alot of points on Daily/Weekly so you canot go with big lots… I would recomend 0,01 Lotsize first time you try the daily setup.

Failed breaks of resistance and continuation of ongoing trend is the way :wink:

In the first pic risk is 30% ( I would recomend 2%) The 30% is for my challenge… like I posted in the channel:


I am starting a challenge and an experiment … for myself. RR 1:2 and risk 30% per trade… I have made an account just for that. Starting with 100$ … Using TF M2 and Support Resistance 1H… Also Simple MA 20 and 200 with “Chances”… You can se that if I succeed with 15 trades in a row there is a huge amount waiting :wink: All I really risk is starting 100$…

The sky is not the limit :wink:

You are your biggest problem achieving your dream… DONT Force the trade… Let it show you when…

If you see it once per day or once peer week or month… Hey, 16 trades and you got the $$$ :slight_smile:

EXAMPLE from today 2021-12-27 EURCHF (did not take position… was at work)

Remember: If you want to predict the future… next 60 min then use 2-5 min timeframe… If you want to predict next day… use 1H timeframe with Daily Support and Resistance. I belive that the name that we dont mention used 1H and announced bye or sell for the day… sett EA and let it run :slight_smile: And finaly this advise is for Forex pairs… Stay away from Gold :slight_smile:


Very promising strategy, thanks for sharing.

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Trade nr 1: :wink:


C U in Dubai when we are well funded $$$ :wink:

Your Support & Resistant is the best I have seen … accurate. I have tried several on Tradingwiev and MQL5 but they are not to rely on.


Trade nr 2: :slight_smile:

I had to lower risk to 20% … No room for comission… larger lot more comission… 30% is not duable with my comissions. I tried to add 20$ but it did not help… switching to 20% risk.


Amazing results dude, you are crushing it :smiley:

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The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. :wink:

I have tried everything :slight_smile: But human behaviour is what really works :wink:

My bigger account has performed well to… 3 Win position on 5% risk … I am done for today… dont want to trade more today.

Actually I was not looking on p/l numbers only the chart… must hide the cash numbers… its a distraction… Like one youtuber said… profit is a side effect.


Buy Investment Castle Support and Resistance MT4 customer indicator in the store selling algo trading systems

Buy Investment Castle Support and Resistance customer indicator in the store selling algo trading systems

Trade 3: :sleepy:

Trade 4: :sleepy:

Trade 5: :ghost: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Trading on London Holliday was a bad idea :slight_smile:


ok its very interesting. thanks for share your results

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Keep on crushing it bro :wink:

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So far 50% win ratio but in profit :slight_smile:

Trade 6 and 7 :face_with_thermometer:

Rollover hour closed one… with small margins rollover is not good.

Trade 8:

Trade 9: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Changed strategy a bit…

1H S&R I wait for it to almost break… then at the top I place a sell…

Trade 10 : :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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The commission is high

@Drasko try the channels indicator, you will master it.

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Also very useful to se H4 trend with channel… to decide the propability if the support will hold…

And if for example H4 channel is horisontal … Long trend range… Yes there is some exploring to do.

If you can calculate a 70% prob… that a support or resistance will be respected… then proper risk management will make profit.

p eur usd

EUR USD … ongoing trade 5% risk

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I’am ending this challenge… its just to hard to run 2 accounts manually…

I am looking for something that can copy my own trading…

This is from my bigger account with 5% risk…

Its not so bad and strategy is working… but it takes some concentration. :slight_smile: