Group Rules

The purpose of Investment Castle Group is to make profit using its products. As a team, we should share knowledge and work together on finding the best set files and safest trading strategies. This group is public.

⛔️ Selling Products, Money Management, Promoting is Prohibited

⛔️ Brokers, VPS promotion, Rebates and referral links are not allowed

✅ Ask questions in the group, and other members will help you.

✅ Be polite, respectful, and professional at all times.

⛔️ Insults, bigotry, and trolling is prohibited.

⛔️ Do not send multiple messages in a short span of time. (One after another, in a matter of seconds).

✅ This is a World Wide Group, so please respect others and only use English.

✅ If someone DM you, post a Screenshot on the group with an Admin member

✅ If You saw something Prohibited Forward to an Admin member on the group


‼️Scam Warning‼️

If you are added to unknown groups, Report that group and leaveScammers are adding members on to their groups using bots. Change your privacy options so scammers can't add you without permission

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