Genesis Expert Advisor

Meet Genesis Ultimate designed for AUDNZD trading. Choose from three risk levels to manage your exposure. Use expected drawdown data from 2018-today for informed decisions. Genesis Ultimate is your key to trade AUDNZD with efficient risk control.

Genesis Expert Advisor

Introducing our state-of-the-art Genesis Ultimate Expert Advisor, specifically tailored for trading the AUDNZD currency pair. This innovative EA provides traders with the ability to select from three distinct risk levels, empowering them to manage their risk exposure according to their comfort level.

To facilitate informed decision-making, the EA showcases the expected drawdown based on extensive backtesting conducted from 2018 until today. This valuable information is readily accessible through an intuitive drop-down menu, enabling traders to effortlessly choose their preferred risk level.

It is crucial to emphasize that this EA strongly advises closing all trades prior to the release of any Federal Reserve interest rate news. By doing so, traders safeguard themselves against potential market turbulence that might arise during such events.

To effectively utilize this EA, traders should possess a minimum capital of $300 for the highest risk and $1,000 for the lowest risk.

Operating with lower capital may lead to higher drawdowns than those experienced during the five-year testing period.

This cutting-edge Expert Advisor serves as an exceptional instrument for traders seeking to confidently trade the AUDNZD pair while efficiently managing their risk exposure.

Below results are from Risk 2:

The backtest results are from 2018 to date using Every Tick model.

(back-test results in the screenshot are based on MT4 back-test as the spread can be controlled in MT4 only. Expect lower profits in MT5 back-tester due to this reason.

How to download Genesis EA?

Genesis EA is available for both MT4 and MT5 platforms. Grab your copy from here:

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