Investment Castle online meeting with the group team members - Meeting 01

I appreciate your support for organizing and recording this online meeting, Pauline. I look forward to organizing the next meeting soon.

Questions are answered below:

Pauline (Legacy) MT4:
Indicator TF, default is H1, if I change to M15, what will happen? 

Chart time frame will just control the opening of the next bar / candlestick if the "continuous order after previous is closed" is false. This means, if the chart time frame is H1, next order will open after 1 hour and so on. However, you can still have "continuous order after previous is closed" active on any chart time frame and the EAs will disregard the chart time frame.

After EA took trade, what will happen if I click on different TF.

Btc is it safe to increase the spread from 20k, I noticed the spread is higher weekdays.
Well, that's up to you. I always keep the spread to much higher than the traded pairs as I control the trading strategy through parameters and price action.

If EA placed both buy and sell for a pair, and it’s not closing any position, does it mean it still safe to keep the negative trade because it is trading in range?

Both trades are included in the same series and the EA will try to close the series in profit. This scenario can get better - if enough equity is available for the EA to suck during this time - otherwise the situation could get worse. As much as the opposite trade can be helpful in hedging, as much as it could also put you in a stressful situation.

How to identify the price is outside the zone?

If the price line is outside the Red / Blue zone, this means it went outside your controlled zones.
John (Legacy) MT4:
Take us through how you analyse the charts for the week and how you would adjust the EA based on the analysis. 

Addressed during the meeting, I hope it was clear. Or we can have another session just for analyzing the charts.

Show us how to trade manually and how the EA can take over the martingale orders etc.

Put the New Series button on Red, then ensure the "Manage manual orders" option is active in the EA settings. It will control any orders placed by the desktop terminal or mobile phone app if the EA is attached to the same pairs.

Dragon (Legacy):

If I disable hedge, will the EA still trigger opposite/opposite martingale orders?

Yes, enabling hedge means enabling two series. By disabling hedge, the EA will still place martingale and opposite orders if opposite order option is enabled.
Explain volatility based lot. How does it work? should the lot size be the same with our fixed lot 

Volatility based lot will be explained in depth in the next meeting. But, in principle, when the market is slow, the EA will open big lot sizes and when the market is volatile the EA will open small lot sizes. Don't use this option now.
Can u explain the Crisis setting session? What scenario does the "crisis distance" get trigger? 

It was like kill and switch "now this is being retired in ICEA and added to Singles EA".

Does Legacy for MT5 uses up more resources? compare to MT4. Yet you say MT5 runs better, why.

Because it draws lots of objects on the chart and on different time frames every tick. That's all consumes resources. 
Bruno (ultimate):

TP line appears on the chart even though I have no active trade. Another time it past opposite orders or martingale orders while I have no nominal orders open. This glitch happened open my pc on Monday after closing over the weekend.

I need more information if this issues repeats in the future. However, remove the EA and add it to a new chart.