MT5 V3.5 and MT4 V1.4 Major Update is Here

This update is further to a number of feature requests and support by members in the Telegram group. I appreciate their feedback and cooperation.

I committed to be transparent when it comes to fixing and bugs reported by members or discovered by myself.

To force the update in your terminal, delete the EA / Indicator from the folder, restart the terminal then reinstall.

Refer to this step by step guide for updating the EA

Following are the bug fixes:

  1. I've removed the multi timeframe option that was causing lag / freezing the chart with small VPS or low performance PCs.
  2. I've added Swap for the mixed series to close in TP, as some series were found closing in small loss, which no one wants.

Following are the updates for both platforms:

Magic numbers were previously automated to make easy for traders to drag the EA to any chart without bothering to update the magic numbers to unique number every time. However, this option led to limiting trading to 1 chart for each pair. Now, you can choose whether to use the EA as a recovery EA to recover losing orders by other EAs or as an independent EA with full power. Magic prefix numbers are now editable.

Total Profit is now shown under the Max DD on the panel and it shows this profit of the chart during the trading day. It will reset at 12 am every day.

Now you can move the dashboard on the chart using you mouse by clicking once on the little top left corner box attached to the panel, then click on the small circle that will appear.

Now you can choose to automate opposite order multiplier or keep it as fixed number:
    • “Fixed Opposite Multiplier”. This is the current option which uses a multiplier and closes in Series TP. 
    • Variable Lot Size (NEW OPTION) x Multiplier. In this option opposite lot size equals to all Opposite orders lot sizes and should close in Series TP.

Reverse martingale order can follow the indicator direction or can be opposite to indicator direction. The two new options are now available in the dropdown menu.

Trailing Stop label now changed to Tailing Step.

A new option for Hedge to work only during news as is added

Equity protection now has two options; fixed number or percentage:

Series TP is now available "In Money" or "In Points" x Multiplier

New entry option for opening new entry orders immediately once previous series is closed in profit

Manual comment by the user for renaming the chart

Draw Down Reduction DDR algorithm now added to close two orders within each martingale type. It is that simple to set it on of off.

Remember to read the Risk Warning carefully.

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