Investment Castle Legacy Expert Advisor

Investment Castle Legacy Expert Advisor is a new product specially made for pro traders who prefer to trade with big lots.

If you like to take control of your trades and only trade for 1 or two hours a day, this Expert Advisor is for you.

Now, let's explain how Investment Castle Legacy Expert Advisor works. Basically, there are a number of exclusive features available only in Legacy as follows:
  • Manual orders will be merged with the series in loss. This means if there are more one series open and you want to take control and handle, every manual order you place will be added to the open series to close it in profit.
  • Hedge as one series. This means if you enable this option, the EA will treat hedge orders as one series and will close them both in profit instead of closing each one independently.
  • Buy and Sell Zones are the key feature in Legacy. The two zones are editable on the chart using the mouse cursor. The trader can slide them up or down depending on the key levels and their analysis. The Buy and Sell zones can be above each other, which means Buy can be above Sell or vise versa. Legacy will open trades beyond the Buy and Sell zones depending on the trend indicator.
The concept of Investment Castle Legacy Expert Advisor is quite simple and aligns with the basic trading fundamentals in terms of support and resistance.

I wish that you enjoy this product and able to use it with bigger lots in the near future and earn more profits.

Legacy is available for both MT4 and MT5: