What to Expect in the New Update in V3.5 (MT5) and V1.4 (MT4)?

Bug fixes:

1. The slow indicator due to multiple timeframes option


  1. Reverse martingale order to follow the indicator as a third option in the dropdown menu
  2. Magic number will be restored back to manual besides the current automated option
  3. Trailing Stop to change to Tailing Step
  4. Hedge option to work only during news as an option
  5. Changing the equity protection from a fixed number to be in percentage
  6. Variable lot size for opposite martingale orders based on the sum of previous martingale lot sizes
  7. Series TP will be split to be in either "In Money" or "In Points"
  8. New entry option for opening new entry orders immediately once previous series is closed in profit
  9. Manual comment by the user for renaming the chart
  10. DDR
  11. Move the panel right on the screen
  12. Profit of the day added to the dashboard