Investment Castle Features Explained

This Youtube channel will be the visual source of information about setting the all the parameters and how to optimize the settings of the trading robot for each pairs in the forex market.

We will explore trading strategies available in the EA together and start sharing our thoughts on how to improve this trading robot further.

Please remember

Before starting to use any of the Investment Castle products, you confirm that you agreed to the Risk Warning published on the which details the risk associated with trading with our robot when trading in the forex market.

Now, let's get started

This Robot has 3 built in indicators

  1. Trend indicator
  2. Support and resistance indicator
  3. Volatility index indicator

You can set the entry to either follow the direction of the indicator or opposite to it from the settings.

You can also set the entry orders to follow one indicator or combine all the indicators together to restrict the EA from placing Sell order at support zone or Buy order at a resistance zone.

In addition, the EA is equipped with RSI, ADX and MA and their respective settings.

Before we continue any further, let me clarify a few points:

  • Investment Castle products are available for both MT4 and MT5 platforms and only available for install through the MQL5 market.
  • The controls dashboards will not appear on the chart if the market is closed.
  • You must retest any set files shared on the website by yourself as there are many factors contribute to the results such as broker, leverage, VPS specs, latency and others.
  • The EA can be used on multiple charts. The EA will manage to create the magic numbers automatically for each chart. In case the metatrader is restarted, the EA will remember the magic numbers.
  • This EA is made for Pro traders and therefore I considered adding the type of order in the comment next to each order.
Exclusive options available in the investment castle EA:
  • Backtesting and forward trading with the News option. The EA will automatically close any open trades depending on the sensitivity of the news if Low, Medium or High impact then will automatically resume after predefined time. And, if the EA closed series in loss, the amount will be stored in the memory and will be recovered in the next trades. The EA can take more than a trade to recover the previous loss. The good side is that the EA can turn off the pairs affected by the current symbol only. This means if the news are affecting Australian dollar and GBP, EURUSD will continue without interruption. The news option is categorized as highlighted above with settings for each input and the recovery option is there as an option. The downside of this option is that if the news were so intense and without gap in between, the losses will accumulate and the recovery will require a big lot size. The EA will read the news from the MT5 platform so there is no need for adding any external URLs. This option is not available in MT4 unfortunately. MT5 traders can backtest their strategies with this option for the first time in the market.
  • Dynamic Distance based on the market volatility.
  • Equity protection by allowing the drawdown to reach a limit then the EA will close all the open positions. I personally don't use this option, although I am very conservative when it comes to trading in the forex market.
  • Daily mobile notifications for the net profit. The EA will send you a notification on the MT4/5 mobile app every time it hits the target daily net profit.
  • Friday exit, was a suggestion by a close member in our group. This option will force the EA to close the open positions in profit/loss before certain time before Friday as from his experience, Friday normally carries high volatility specially when there is non-farm payment roll. Any losses will be recovered when the market is open on Monday.