How to Grow 500 USD to 7,000 USD in 1 Year?

You can grow 500 USD to 7,000 USD in 12 months using stop loss and recovery strategy with the Investment Castle EA.

I optimized the settings for EURUSD for the trader to choose from depending on their risk appetite.

However, you must pay attention to the risks involved when trading in the Forex market by reading the following:

I used Cents account for this optimization were the spread is considered to be higher than the Standard Account. So the deposit of 500 USD will be seen as 50,000 USC and the results are in Cents, which means 715,705 USC is 7,157.05 USD.

MT5 optimization results for EURUSD:


Please pay attention to the Drawdown in the table. 20.95% in the second row in the table below is detailed in the Results page that is shown after that.

MT5 Optimization Results

The Investment Castle EA version used in here is 2.90, and you can download the EA from here:

Try to collect the profit that is equal to the deposit, and leave the EA running for earning more profit as time progresses.

Results Graph

Backtest Results

It is highly recommended that you try the set file on demo first to understand how this strategy works on backtesting and forward demo testing before trading with real money.

Set File for the 1st row can be downloaded from here:

I will use this set file with the lowest DD:

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or concerns.