Stop Loss and Recovery Strategy

Did you know that you can disable the Grid strategy in Investment Castle EA and work with Stop Loss and Recovery strategy powered by Support & Resistance like the Pros?

In order to do that, you will have to disable all Martingale options from the inputs panel as follows:

  1. Martingale Options:

2. Opposite Martingale:

3. Opposite Direction Martingale:

I've tried the Support & Resistance with Stop Loss and Recovery Strategy by choosing the Entry Indicator as "Based on Support & Resistance" option below:

After that, you will have to enable the Recovery Order, set the SL Points and Lot Multiplier:

Now, you are only left with 4 inputs to optimize around 640 tasks only!

Backtesting results with 100% Quality score:

Results on the Graph:

Set File:

To get the Investment Castle EA and Indicators, visit:

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