Investment Castle EA Options in action

There are tens of inputs in the Investment Castle EA for traders to customize and make use of any or all of them.

In this screenshot there're 5 major features in action as follows:

  1. Critical News Red lines highlighting the critical news underway! Read more here:
Medium and High Impact News Setting - Investment Castle
Medium and High Impact NewsEach drop or “High Drawdown” in this chart is aresult of high impact news as detailed below: 17 June 2020, EUR High Impact News on EURUSD22 July 2020, EUR High Impact Newson EURUSD07 August 2020, EUR High Impact News on EURUSD28 August 2020, EUR HighImpact News on EURU…

2. Automatic transitioning of key levels (Support & Resistance)! Read more here:

Psychological Key Levels Update is Here - Investment Castle
Psychological Key Levels is how investors and traders think and probablycommunicate with each other. We used to manually choose higher timeframes and start analyzing the past topredict the future before we set the trade direction. NOT ANYMORE with Investment Castle EA new update! Automatic Supp…

3. Automatic closure of open positions before critical news, then recovery after the news! Read more here:

Critical News is Underway But, EA Stopped Trading - Investment Castle
Economic calendar timing for the high impact news in is at 13:00“01:00 PM” and the terminal time shown on the chart is from 05:00 “05:00 AM”which means that the EA has stopped trading any pairs associated with EUR before6 hours according to the settings. EA will resume trading 20 mi…

4. Manual override of the key levels using the panel on the chart!

5. Reverse Martingale strategy! That's where the improved martingale strategy comes into play.

Find out more by trying the Investment Castle EA now:

Buy the ‘Investment Castle EA’ Trading Robot (Expert Advisor) for MetaTrader 5 in MetaTrader Market
<div> <div> <h3><b>INTRODUCTION</b></h3> <p>Investment Castle Expert Advisor is a trend-based Expert Advisor that uses a built-in <a href=“” title=“…