Now, you can backtest your settings with the news option is active. What does that mean?

It means that you will be able to see vertical red lines at the time of any news on the chart if you run the visual tester. This also mean that the EA settings can now be optimized in the backtest without taking the risk or wasting time in the foreward testing.

So, optimization is faster and more robust now.

Load the EA on a live chart first before proceeding with the backtest / optimzation process. This is to allow the EA to download the history of the pairs beforehand.

Read more about this option here;

Medium and High Impact News Setting - Investment Castle
Medium and High Impact NewsEach drop or “High Drawdown” in this chart is aresult of high impact news as detailed below: 17 June 2020, EUR High Impact News on EURUSD22 July 2020, EUR High Impact Newson EURUSD07 August 2020, EUR High Impact News on EURUSD28 August 2020, EUR HighImpact News on EURU…

This is how the EA stops placing orders automatically before critical news.

Backtesting with News Option Active