Entry Settings

Order Entry Settings of the Investment Castle EA depend on 3 Timeframes from the Investment Castle Indicator. The indicator is built-in the EA and the EA will take the average Timeframe from the 3 chosen Timeframes as follows:


TF 1 is chosen 1H

TF 2 is chosen 1D

TF 3 is chosen 5M, so in this case if TF 1 and TF 2 are Buy and TF 3 is Sell, the EA will open Buy orders until the average Timeframe changes to Sell.

Average Timeframe is based on the higher number of Timeframes in the settings.


If enabled, the EA will open positions in both directions if the second Timeframe is triggered.

If Hedge is set to False, the EA will open positions in a single direction.

Manage Manual Orders

If set to True, the EA will support any manual orders placed by the Trader.

Continuous Entry

If set to True, the EA will place an order on every new candlestick. This option will flood the chart with tens or hundreds of orders. We do not advise activating this option.